Lulu &  Roo

Digital Marketing Case Study

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The Goal

Lulu and Roo is a custom kids clothing company, specializing in limited releases and partnerships with other name brands.

Their goal was to identify their true audiences and develop a marketing approach that strategically funneled both new and repeat customers through their multiple sales channels.

We focused solely on analyzing their current Google campaigns and making optimizations, new audiences, and fresh targeted campaigns for their limited releases

The Strategy

Develop New Audiences

Our goal with the strategy was to identify their audiences and how to expand on them. Furthermore, we wanted to fully understand the customer journey and how best to target based on each step in the journey. From there we could identify the lifetime value of a customer to maximize the return on ad spend.

Leveraging Releases

Utilizing Urgency to Drive Sales

With each limited release, we were able to drive a sense of urgency to their customer base. This meant, for the short period of release, our ads would drive a large amount of traffic and convert at a higher rate. These audiences would then feed directly into other campaigns.

The Results

$1.5 Million on $10K Spend

It goes without saying, this was a critical success. Over 90 days, we were able to drive a 15,000% return on ad spend through Search Ads, Display Campaigns, YouTube advertisements, and Remarketing Campaigns.

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