OK Boomer

Digital Marketing Case Study

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The Goal

OK Boomer wanted to dominate their digital marketing across all channels.

Our strategy was simple, design and implement highly effective Google PPC ads to bring in new customers.

The Strategy

Dynamic Marketing Strategy

We utilized our funnel strategy to ensure we were targeting all potential search terms and to get the highest impression share for their brand. Overall, we wanted OK Boomer ads to be at the top of all trivia game, board game, and other related keyword searches on Google.

Total Optimization

The Ultimate Customer Experience

From the ads to the checkout, we fully optimized OK Boomer so their customers would have a seamless shopping experience. This caused a 5% overall conversion ratio. Furthermore, we were able to accurately understand their audience and use it for future targeting efforts across all platforms.

The Results

Over $60,000 in 30 Days

With only 30 days under our belt, we were able to drive over $60,000 in sales with $5,000 in spend. OK Boomer was completely sold out and was blanketed across the market. This expanded their available marketing budget for months to come.

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